Monday, May 18, 2009


If I've ever met somebody that was REAL in my life I promise you I keep them close. The man above was one of the realest people I've ever met. Coupled with that he had more faith in me musically than alot of folks IN the industry. We were underworks on a project named ATLA and as I sit here typing, crying, and listening to the man above I know that you're gone from here but you are never forgotten. I've been told that it is more important to touch a life than it is to touch a dollar. Rest in Power to my big brother... June 2nd is now for you my brother and promise I won't fall short of what you expected from me as a man and an artist.


M* said...


all your "uz aBITCH ASS NIGGA " twits are so ON POINT!!

DAUCHÉ said...

May God rest his soul,
and a peace come over all who mourn over this unfortunate event.
p.s. hold that head up.

p[L]e[0]a[V]c[E] . said...

SKEME .. keep your HEAD UP bro! u know i got chaaa .. conutine making that SUCCESSFUL music , in HONOR of dolla man!

its all for the love !!!

JUNE 2 ! lets goo !

Kiana said...
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Kiana said...

babe I look at you and I cant even smile. (thats amzing, cus any other time i show all my teeth) I cant find the words to say to you to make you feel better, cus i could only imagine the pain your feeling. I Know its hard, its even harder to watch you actually really cry and hurt over something. Wacthing you, my bros bros, and his family suffer hurts more than anything. As you are following in his footsteps to be a very known artist there is no doubt in my mind that you cant do it. Yes, I am scared, but I know God got you if nobody else does. I want you to live through him and show him & his family how much you appreciated everything about him. from his swag to his smie to that gangsta that you couldnt hide. Jus know he's always with you! I Love you

& Stay strong, this is just the begining.

This is the ending of a young mans life and the begining of the birth of an Angel. HE GOT HIS WINGS...